Facility Diagnosis / Environmental Diagnosis

Facility Diagnosis

Our PM (Preventive Maintenance), FM (Facility Management), and RAC (Reform and Construction) divisions, making use of high performance instruments and accumulated data, conduct diagnosis of equipment functioning and performance deterioration of building facilities.


Environmental Diagnosis

Managing a sophisticated functioning environment requires a factual understanding of it through scientific data.
In handling particular environments, our specialized engineers apply dedicated instruments to carry out scientific measurements. On analyzing and evaluating the data, they present a precise "Environmental Diagnosis Report."

Diagnosis Procedure

Consult with the client

Draw up a diagnosis plan

Take measurements

Analyze data and evaluate

Produce an environmental diagnosis report

As required, we propose facility and operational improvement plans

Facilities we diagnose

Aseptic rooms, sterilized rooms, X-ray rooms, computed tomography (CT) rooms, linear particle accelerator (LINAC) rooms, radioisotope (RI) rooms, cooling towers, cleanrooms, etc.

Diagnostic Categories

Microbial environment Airborne, fallen, and adhering microbes, MRSA
Atmospheric environment Suspended particle count, room temperature, relative humidity, room air pressure differential, air flow distribution
Water environment RO purity sterilization, legionella*, drinking water, and other water quality tests
Radioactive environment Concentration of airborne radioactive material, radiation dosage, surface contamination density
Functional facility environment HEPA filter leaks, cleanliness improvements, ventilation frequency, illumination intensity, indoor noise level, soundproofing performance

* We can provide technical materials concerning legionella and its management techniques. Please inquire with our Environmental Management Division.

TECS (Total Environment Consulting System)

"TECS," our comprehensive environmental diagnostics system, is a service package that broadly measures, analyzes, and evaluates microbes and environmental conditions to meet required standards.

Dose Collector

Our patented "Dose Collector"
Our patented "Dose Collector"

After tracking measurements for a fixed period, this micro measuring device presents a radiation dose report. Our inhouse hospital staff can install the device, collect data, take measurements, and report its findings. Alternatively, they can be sent by post. For inquiries about the "Dose Collector" developed by our company, please contact our Environmental Management Division.

Solution Proposals

Energy Conservation Proposals

Because we are a comprehensive facility engineering enterprise, our air conditioning energy conservation proposals maintain a unique flexibility.

  • Proposals in line with the current system (both internal and external remedies)
  • Implementation to match the clients' budget (with optimal balance of cost and efficacy)
  • Systematic continuation and revision of energy conservation measures according to their benefits (with the ability to respond to new needs at any time)

Environmental Improvement Proposals

With precision equipment we analyze the current state of the facilities, and on finding any issues, we restore the optimal environment for our clients. We then propose how to maintain it in an "Environmental Diagnosis Report."

Work Environment Improvement System

Reducing the risk associated with chemicals

In recent years, cases of  damaged health due to chemical substances has increased. We examine that risk, evaluate it, and offer counter-measures.
Our working environment measurement agency, in addition to environmental analytics and technological evaluation, applies knowhow developed as a result of our air conditioning activities. From common local exhaust ventilation, to combined systems like push-pull ventilation devices and deodorizing equipment, we offer proposals in line with budgets.


Full cycle support, from measurement evaluation to improvements

Planning and Service

  • Localized ventilation equipment
  • Interior modification plans
  • Air conditioning equipment
  • Air balance
  • Environmental improvement equipment 
  • Isolators, safety cabinets, and other specialized equipment

Sample Work

Practice dissection table with localized ventilation

Push-pull ventilation device (1)

Push-pull ventilation device (2)