Nippon Air Conditioning Group's Management Philosophy

Bringing together the technological capabilities and human resources
to maintain optimal environments and give our clients peace of mind
through top quality service.

Nippon Air Conditioning Services Co., Ltd.'s Standard of Conduct

Our executives and employees (herein referred to as "we") will apply this standard as good corporate citizens. We will comply with society's laws and ordinances, taking them as guiding principles that must be followed to survive as a company. 

1. Legal Compliance

We will comply with the laws and social norms pertaining to our business activities, and conduct business with our clients and partners fairly and through open competition.

2. Ensuring Client Trust and Satisfaction

To ensure our clients' trust and satisfaction, through providing high quality service, we will create safe, comfortable, energy-saving environments.


3. Corporate Information and Timely Disclosure

For our shareholders, creditors, and society at large, we are committed to disclosing corporate information in a timely manner. We will manage our business honestly and transparently.


4. Creating an Environment of Worker Solidarity and Self-fulfillment

We will respect our employees' characters and individuality. We are committed to making a safe, comfortable environment where, as members of our team, they can engage in meaningful work. 


5. Relations with the Policy Makers and Administrative Authorities

We will maintain a healthy and appropriate relationship with policy makers and administrative authorities.


6. Stance Towards Organized Crime

We will have no connection with anti-social forces and groups that threaten the order and safety of society. 


7. Connection With Regional Communities

By proactively tackling issues like environmental problems, we will endeavor to contribute to society and foster ties with the local community.

Nippon Air Conditioning Services Co., Ltd.'s Company Policy