as of February 14, 2019


On February 14, 2019, Nippon Air Conditioning Services Co., Ltd. established a new five-year business plan (referred to below as “the Plan”) which will begin in fiscal year 2019. An overview of the Plan is given below.


Our long-term vision being “to make all our stakeholders happier”, the Nippon Air Conditioning Group aims to raise its overall social value by “bringing together the technological capabilities and human resources to maintain optimal environments and give our clients peace of mind through top quality service”. More specifically, we intend to work towards making all our stakeholders happier by supplying services with high added value to our customers, improving the job satisfaction and technological capabilities of our employees, and achieving a consistently high level of returns for our shareholders.


The Plan has been established on the basis of a future outlook and priority system clearly indicating our Group’s business strategy and numerical targets aimed at attaining our long-term vision.

Management Strategy

The seven items listed below summarize the medium-to-long-term tasks to which we will devote our efforts. By tackling these tasks, and by continuously improving our corporate governance, the Nippon Air Conditioning Group aims to attain its long-term vision.

* Facilities that need to maintain a special environment indicates “hospital and research facilities,” “manufacturing plants, etc.,” and “other special facilities.”

Target Value

as of May 13, 2022


In order to show the progress we are making in our business strategies aimed at attaining our long-term vision, the Nippon Air Conditioning Group has set itself the numerical targets listed below.

(Million Yen)
Net sales 49,152 49,886 52,000 55,000
Operating income 3,007 2,617 2,900 3,000
Ordinary income 3,142 2,801 3,000 3,100
Profit attributable to owners of parent 1,998 2,821 1,900 1,900
Net income per share (Yen) 56.75 81.35 55.22 54


Being aware that our business indices need to reflect the importance of capital efficiency, we are working towards maintaining an ROE of 10%. As the target index for our overseas expansion, we aim to have our overseas operations contributing 5% of our consolidated operating profit by the end of March 2024.

Dividend Policy

Besides implementing the Plan in order to continuously improve the profits that fund our dividends, the Nippon Air Conditioning Group will be maintaining a consolidated dividend payout ratio of 50%, thus improving returns to all shareholders.


This page's content is based on various conditions. We are unable to completely guarantee the plan's implementation and projected value.