as of June 27, 2022

Basic Stance Towards Corporate Governance

The Nippon Air Conditioning Group's management philosophy is "bringing together the technological capabilities and human resources to maintain optimal environments and give our clients peace of mind through top quality service." Practiced by both our board members and employees, our conduct based on this philosophy continually enhances our corporate governance. 

 In order to improve corporate management transparency, we aim for timely and accurate disclosure of information, remaining aware of internal and external accountability for important matters and the financial results of business activities. 

 And so, in order as a sound enterprise to achieve sustainable improvement of corporate value, the board of directors and board members, in addition to our business departments, auditors, and other organization members, stand united in the fundamental idea of responding to the social trust.

Corporate Governance Structure

Organizational form

Board of corporate auditors

Board of Directors

Articles of incorporation stipulated number of board members


Articles of incorporation stipulated board member terms

1 year

Chairman of the board

President and Representative Director

Number of board members


Selecting outside directors


Number of outside directors


Number of independent officers among the outside directors



Board of auditors presence/absence


Articles of incorporation stipulated number of auditors


Number of auditors


Selection of outside auditors


Number of outside auditors


Number of independent auditors among the outside directors


Reason for our current corporate governance structure

With our organizational structure, business scale, and managerial effectiveness in mind, we clearly differentiate business decision-making and execution. Including three outside directors, our board of directors carries out administrative decision-making and improves the efficiency of board member performance and the appropriateness of their decision-making. Four auditors, including the two outside auditors, audit the performance of the directors. Further, they judge the functional effectiveness of our corporate governance.

Corporate Governance Structure (diagram)