For over half a century, since our establishment in 1964, we have engaged in building facility services as an independent corporate group. Our primary business deals with the air conditioning services industry. We advocate a policy of "preventive maintenance," preempting breakdowns and accidents before they occur.


Our field hasn't remained limited to air conditioning; we have expanded into building facility systems in general such as electrical, water supply and drainage, and sanitation systems. Along the way we developed our current business model. Through continuing to pursue ever higher quality technological services, we aim for the maximum satisfaction of those who utilize and work at our clients' facilities.


We have a sales base in every prefecture of Japan to quickly provide high-quality services throughout the country. Moreover, we are actively expanding throughout Asia, as we see it as a single economic region. Our facility maintenance services in Asia, which are mainly for Japanese companies, are the same as those that we provide in Japan.


We believe the Nippon Air Conditioning Group's mission is to create optimal building environments through facility maintenance services, and thereby contribute to the common good.


April 2018

President and Representative Director
Nippon Air Conditioning Services Co., Ltd.