Our Approach to CSR

Our management philosophy of "bringing together the technological capabilities and human resources to maintain optimal environments and give our clients peace of mind through top quality service" recognizes social responsibility. For facilities requiring special, high level environmental management, we seek to protect our clients from unforeseen situations through preventive maintenance. While providing the best value-added services, through offering energy saving, low cost proposals, we consequently contribute to the reduction of the global environmental burden.



  • Place importance on environmental management, ISO14001 certified
  • Hold an "Energy Saving Competition" with the goal of every plant implementing energy conservation measures


  • As part of events for the 50th anniversary of our establishment, we made monetary donations
  • We provided monetary aid to victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake. We also helped with construction of temporary housing


  • All our branches conduct trainings to develop an awareness of compliance.
  • We have established a "Compliance Hot Line" to quickly identify individual or organizational violations. Through it we determine the best course of action and make prompt improvements.

Human Resources

  • We thoroughly manage health and safety by implementing workplace "Safety Patrols," holding "Health and Safety Conferences," and soliciting and displaying posters and mottos relating to health and safety.
  • Established a "Mental Health Support Office," where consulting services are available to support workers with their troubles
  • Provide comprehensive worker benefits
  • Encourage acquiring public qualification
  • Improve technical capabilities through employee training, especially OJT
  • Aim to improve technical capabilities and cooperation between branches through "Technical Athletic Competitions."


  • Place importance on quality management, ISO9001 Certified
  • Responding to client needs by implementing optimal, cutting-edge solutions for energy conservation / environmental improvement based on facility / environmental diagnosis.

Commitment to Creating Value

  • Making use of the knowhow and the results developed from special facilities management and seeking to optimize medical supply manufacturing facilities, we have developed a validation support business.
  • We are aggressively pursuing overseas expansion throughout the Asian economic bloc (China, Bangladesh, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Myanmar as of October 31, 2017).
  • Our consolidated subsidiary Nippon Air Conditioning Hokuriku Co., Ltd. services large-scale solar power generation facilities (mega solar) in five locations around Toyama prefecture. The yearly electric output of 7,260,000 kW is the equivalent of 1,455 standard household, with an estimated reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of 3600 tons per year.