2. Services


Business Model

Our company offers comprehensive building facility support. While the main focus of our company is maintenance, management, environmental facility diagnosis, and solution proposals for building facilities, we also have a division that specializes in facility renovation.

Making use of the technological capabilities cultivated through our core business of service maintenance, we provide energy conservation and environmental improvement proposals based on high quality diagnostics and meticulous service to meet our customer's needs.

business model

We formulate an effective facility maintenance plan emphasizing preventive maintenance according to the importance and condition of equipment.
Maintenance and Management
We inspect, maintain, operate, monitor, and keep records of building facilities according to the designated equipment maintenance plan.
Diagnosis and Evaluation of Equipment
Based on expertise cultivated through the operation and maintenance of building facilities, we diagnose and evaluate their functioning and deterioration of efficiency with an understanding of the whole system.
Solution Proposals
Based on the results of facility diagnosis, we propose improvements and equipment updates, taking into account energy conservation and environmental considerations according to our customer's needs and budget.
Maintenance or Renovation
We extend the lifetime of facilities through maintenance and equipment updates based on a solution proposal.